Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Friends

Good morning, Friends! I am not quite finished with my hiatus, but I've been missing you, and needed to check in. Several of you have asked about my progress on becoming a chicken farmer after you read this post. Well, sadly, Brian and I decided not to raise chickens this year. We're big believers in being good pet owners, and it felt like we had too much else going on this spring and summer to really be able to pull it off. But our neighbors got chickens, and so we have been enjoying them very much. Above is Sasha. She's a little tiny Banty hen, of a variety that I cannot remember. But she is just incredibly sweet! She came over for a visit the other day, and I had to capture her beauty for you.

Sasha is still a youngster, and hasn't started laying eggs yet, but I can't wait to see them when she does. The literature says that the color of a hen's eggs matches the color of the flesh on her ear. And Sasha's ears ar a pinkish color! Those will be such beautiful eggs!

Life is busy, and we're harvesting tomatoes, basil, beans, carrots, and onions right now. I'm saving seeds for the first time this year, and so I'm letting my peas dry up on the vines at the moment. Sadly, it has been cloudy and rainy for a week, which makes me worry that my seeds will mold, but gardening is an adventure of trial and error, so we'll just have to see.

And before I forget, I want to thank all of you who voted for me in Etsy's voter contest a couple of weeks ago; I didn't win the BIG PRIZE, but I felt like such a Rock Star for coming in the top 6. And I still got featured in Etsy's Gift Guide and blog, so I've been taking lots of bag orders since then! So thanks for taking the time to cast your vote, it meant a lot to me!


vadjutka said...

How cute chicken!! Are you heading towards a self-made household? I mean that you plan to eat only what you grow? That is a wise idea...maybe someday I get into that...but I am in the nursury concerning planting vegetables. I am happy that my basil lived through the summer :-)

Samantha (Sam) Spitzer said...

I heart Sasha so much! Oh my gosh, what a sweetie of a little chicky. We are also savings seeds for the first time this year, what fun! Big hugs!

Colleen MacDonald said...

I would love to be totally self-sufficient, growing all of our food, but I just don't have the time to devote to this level of farming. I do try to grow a lot of our food and I put food into the freezer and preserve the rest by canning. But I rely on my local farmer's market and other growers who make their living this way. I feel good about it because I'm supporting my local community too!