Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Packing in Summer (to enjoy it later)

Summer is closing in on its final moments, and I am soaking it in as much as possible; trying to stay awake for each beautiful golden moment. The spiders are busily trapping the light (and the insects who follow it) in their webs, the geese flew south over our house two days ago, the squirrels are planting hazelnuts in my yard, and there is a crisp-ness to everything.

I have been busy getting Bronwyn settled in school and harvesting the abundance which is otherwise known as our yard and garden. This week, we canned plums into chutney, butter, and sauce. The chutney is a delicious Indian relish of fruit, ginger, raisins, vinegar, and sugar. It is the Indian answer to sweet and sour. We had so many plums that we decided to also make a plum butter (a reduction of plums with clove, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg) and also a plum sauce (like apple sauce).

A long time from now, when the rains have been here for more days than the sun, and when I'm feeling glum, I can open one of these jars of summer and be reminded of the cycle of the seasons. I will take heart and enjoy my winter days while I have them because I know I will be busy with being outside again very soon.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Looking Back a Little

Yesterday was Brian and my 15th year wedding anniversary. We celebrated on the beach with a lovely simple picnic. Brian organized the whole thing, which I found wonderfully romantic. It was such a relaxing time! The sun was shining, the beach was quiet, and the shells and stones were beautiful. I didn't think about work, or anything stressful. I remembered the night that Brian proposed; we were night swimming at Lake Padden. It was August and the blackberries were ripe enough to perfume the air. The lake was cool and fresh. Ahhhh....

Brian gave me this picture in a lovely card that he wrote to me. The picture was taken in a cheesy photo booth on the day that we shopped for wedding rings at the mall. We were poor college students and ended up buying simple silver matching bands for $12.00 each at a kiosk. We're still wearing them today, and they're as beautiful as ever.

Thanks for all of the love, Brian. Here's to 15 more years! I dedicate the song "Night Swimming" by R.E.M. to you.