Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

I have come down with a pretty bad sore throat, and can hardly speak! As a child I almost never got sick, but now that I have a child, I think I'm getting all of the ailments that I missed out on before.


I'll keep it short today, but I wanted to share with you this cheerful new wallet that I added to my Tomboy series. I made it for my good friend, Dianna, who wanted a sunny yellow, happy wallet. I liked it so much that I cut out another one for my artfire and etsy shops. I have to admit, it makes me feel better, just looking at it!


vadjutka said...

So good to see this cheerful creature on this lousy day - strong wind and rain here.

nomadcraftsetc said...

I love this wallet! It is awesome!

Hope you feel better soon!

Colleen MacDonald said...

Thanks you two! Yes, a blustery rainy day here, too!

jenniferlcrain said...

Oh, sweetie! I'm sorry. Sore throats are the worst. You just can't ignore them.

A lovely wallet. So cheerful. Thanks for showing it to us!

Anonymous said...

You make such beautiful things!

This morning really made me want to stay in bed.