Thursday, February 18, 2010


Good Morning, my friends.  My husband was away from home last night for work, and while I miss him and our routine, I also felt very liberated to have a night and a morning "to myself."  Even though our daughter and kitties become my sole responsibility while my sweetheart is away, it still feels like camp or something.  I told Bronwyn, "It's Girl's night tonight!"  We didn't do anything remarkable, but we giggled together and snuggled. 

I got up early this morning, did some stretching, made myself a cup of coffee, and got caught up on reading some blogs that I've been missing.  I also took these pictures of the blooming crocuses in our yard; it's frosty this morning, but the little droplets are just starting to melt.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful photos! I agree that a little time apart, or switching up the routine a bit, can be kind of fun.

picciolo said...

Crocuses are one of my favourites flowers and your pictures are beautiful!
: )

inaluxe said...

sounds like a lovely and regreshing time - your crocus look amazing. I've often thought of growing them, but I always forget until it's too late. Perhaps this year I will plant some! xo