Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunny Happy Love

At last, the sun has made an appearance.  It is amazing to me how much of an impact it can make on my attitude, for the better.  Bronwyn is officially on Summer Break and she's sleeping in, which is lovely.  Time is of the essence, though, so quickly I wanted to show you what is making me happy in the creative department.

One of my favorite surface designers, Heather Ross, has come out with her latest fabric collection.  Her prints are on linen this time and the line is called Far Far Away, Chapter II.  It is full of fairy tale, sketchbook whimsy and I'm in LOVE!  I got my first shipment of a couple of her prints and immediately made these sweet zippered boxy cases.  I can't decide which one is my favorite!  They are all available in my Etsy and Artfire shops. 


inaluxe said...

Hi Colleen, they are all gorgeous. I love the linen and I love the inclusion of yellow (currently my favourite colour!). Perhaps it's becuase it makes me think of the sun (which we have not had much of either this past week). he he. Thinking of you, sounds like you're having a ball. Hope the school holidays is fun for you all. xo hugzzzz, Kristina

vadjutka said...

It has been raining here as well - I can count on one hand how many dry days we had in the last 6 weeks.

I looove Heather Ross's fabrics - she is one of my favourites!

Victoria said...

Each one is sweet as can be!

Hope you and Bronwyn have a sunny and joy filled summer!

picciolo said...

these are gorgeous Colleen! I used some of the first fairytale prints in Hollys quilt last summer, I love them and hadn't seen these new ones before
: )

Colleen MacDonald said...

These are every bit as wonderful as the first series, but they're in linen this time, which is so wonderful to work with!

Kelly said...

oh please do a tutorial for these boxy bags! so cute!