Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet Friends

I have been hard at work getting Bronwyn all ready for school, and I have also been sewing a lot because BCharmer recently got picked up by another boutique; HOORAY!  I will share more details about that soon.

Yesterday, in the mail, I got a little package all the way from Budapest, Hungary.  My good friend Judit of Vadjutka sent me this stunning necklace and also the sweetest little hair clips for Bronwyn (which she wore to her first day of school).  This necklace is made from a lovely combination of fabrics and is hung on twisted silk cord.  I feel ever so fancy wearing it and have received many compliments already!  If you haven't checked out Judit's blog, you should; she's ever so talented in everything she endevours. 


picciolo said...

What a beautiful necklace, and it suits you! Bronwyn looks very pretty with her clips in too. What lovely gifts!
: )

Jenni said...

Oh, creative and GORGEOUS. The hairpieces, necklace, Bronwyn and you!

Alin Steglinski said...

bronwyn looks SOOO CUTEEE!!

i just wanna grab her and hug her all day :) thats how cute she is :) and snuggle her of course :)

vadjutka said...

You look lovely in it - it perfectly suits you! And Bronwyn is so cute with the clips :-)

Victoria said...

What lovely and thoughtful gifts. Both of you look beautiful!

I hope that Bronwyn has been enjoying the new school year, and congrats on getting picked up by a new boutique!!