Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Continuing Process in A New Package

It has been blustery and storming here, and on top of it, I've been sick with the flu.  So I've been hunkered on the couch drinking tea and snuggling the kitties.  And thinking.  And remembering.  And I realized that the process of my grief is going to be lifelong, and that I have a lot to say about it.  Writing about it feels healing to me, but at the same time, I recognize that my "Handmade Life" blog isn't necessarily the right platform for such a specific topic. So I started a new blog, dedicated to the exploration of grief and healing and what it means to be present in my emotional process.  This means that I will likely not talk much about that topic here anymore, so if you'd like to read about it you can follow me at Blackwater Shoal

I'm finishing some projects tonight, now that my energy is coming back, and will report with photos tomorrow of the little birdie bag that I'm making for my friend.

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