Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bone Dry Ridge

Selma and Markthor, making tea.
This past weekend I had the great pleasure of visiting a lovely farm in my area.  Bone Dry Ridge focuses on raising livestock, with an emphasis on sustainable land use and husbandry practices.  Selma and Markthor, the owners and operators of the farm, raise a medium sized flock of Icelandic sheep, and a handful of pigs and Highland cows along with a flock of 50 chickens and several hives of bees. They have an elaborate water catchment system, which comes in handy in the late summer when the water on the land dries up.  I was completely charmed by Selma and Markthor, their passion for what they do, and by their animals and land.  When you meet people who are living their dream, you can't help but feel inspired and uplifted.

Good Dog, Kata: Photo by Nash

After touring the farm, Selma invited us in for tea, and proudly produced a jar of her homemade yogurt.  I probably don't need to say that it was the best yogurt that I have ever eaten!  Selma perfected the recipe over many months of experimenting with different strains of starter.  She would bring the end product to her neighbors with a survey until she eventually came up with a recipe that was the most liked by everybody.  Now she is hard at work on a business plan that would allow her to have her own creamery.  I'm so excited to be her first customer!

And the cherry on the cake was that I have recently been loaned a fancy digital SLR camera, which I used on this trip.  I'm pretty excited with the expanded photographic possibilities! And I would be remiss if I didn't thank Nash, my talented artisitc companion on this trip, who helped me with the elaborate menu system and some of the finer points that particular camera.  Thank-You Nash!


picciolo said...

Hi Colleen, that sounds like a great trip, especially with the homemade yogurt and the wonderful camera!
: )

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen, Finding and reading your blog made me happy to hear of where you are now. -Your being a gifted thoughtful writer also helps.
I often think of Kirsten and it's comforting, as you seem to find with keeping Bronwyn in your thoughts.
Next time in town I'd like to get out to Bone Ridge. What a nice connection to real inspiring people of the land. cheers Neil

picciolo said...

Hey Colleen, I hope you are doing ok, thinking of you
: )