Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New-ish Design

Recently I was contacted by a customer who wanted to purchase a wallet for her husband, but wasn't sure which fabrics to choose for him.  "I don't want any print, really, but I don't want something only solid, either," she said. 

In my mind, I have been thinking about this very dilemma.  Not everyone wants a big splashy print on their accessories, not even me sometimes.  So I put my hands and my mind together and came up with a racing stripe design that I like quite well.  What do you think?


Shannon C said...

These look great! Love the masculine feel they have~ another great job Colleen!! :)

Victoria said...

Super-duper! As always Colleen, you and your keen sense of design have nailed it!

picciolo said...

Hi Colleen, I'm sure I left a comment on these lovely new designs ages ago but it isn't here... anyway I keep popping in to see how you are but it's been a while so I just thought I'd check you are ok. Sorry I've rambled a bit, it's early morning here and I'm not quite awake yet