Friday, September 26, 2008

Flavia's Gift

Flavia's Gift
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I have a story for you today: Flavia, a woman that I "met" on a photo site called "Flickr" suggested that we do a fabric swap, since we both love fabric and live on different continents. I selected some of her brazilian fabrics, and she said, "I love suprises; send me some suprise fabrics." Well I sent my package off to her, and today the package from her arrived. Inside was not just some fabulous fabric, but she also custom made some adorable zippered wristlets for my daughter and me. Each bears our name, hand embroidered. I cannot tell you how loved and special I felt, opening that gift. Flavia selected fabrics that she knew were amongst my favorites, and took the time to make these just for us, out of the goodness of her own heart. The generosity of people just astounds me. The lesson? Never underestimate your power to do good in the world, even with a seemingly small gesture. We can reach out to each other all over the world, even without having to meet face to face. I feel so happy. Thank-You, Flavia. What a friend you have become. You can see the fabrics that she sent me on my flickr page: and you can see more of Flavia's work on her site:

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Mari said...

What a beautiful story to start my day!
Thanks for sharing, Colleen.