Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sweetest Pressure

Cider Pressing
Originally uploaded by BCharmer

Yesterday was one of those glorious fall days; what better way to spend time than to press apples in our cider press. Some of our friends and neighbors came over to help, which made the whole experience just so much better.

I feel very satisfied by the whole process of harvest. The day prior to pressing, my daughter and I went out and picked all of the apples from our trees. We sat outside in the sunshine and washed them all in preparation for press day. Several neighbors came by to chat. After pressing, there was a big mess, but even the clean-up felt good and honest. We got about three gallons of the sweetest cider; doesn't it look beautiful in the sunlight?


Mari said...

I love fresh cider. Yum!

Anonymous said...


This is such a lovely site. Your pictures, graphics and voice are all, like you, beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me! I'll add you to my blogroll :)

I look forward to keeping up with your thoughts this way.


Liz said...

How wonderful! I wish my life would slow down enough for me to do something 'fallish' like this. :)

Colleen MacDonald said...

Fall is my favorite season; My days are packed, but I enjoy every minute. Winter is my time to "rest" (not that I'm not busy) because there are fewer demands from the garden, yard, house, and outside activities. Thanks all for your nice comments!