Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sewing For Myself: Well... Sort Of

In keeping with the theme of taking time for myself, I decided that I really needed to boost my exercise routine. I love to exercise, and running is my work-out of choice (because it serves a dual purpose of physical and mental exercise). But a knee injury had left me feeling despondent and resolved to being in my 40s. Luckily for me, my neighbor and friend is a personal trainer and agreed to take me on in exchange for some messenger bags! Win-Win! Here is the first bag that I made for her. I love it's sunny brightness combined with the art nouveau design. Of course, the print is designed by Anna Maria Horner, one of my favorites! And since I've been working out with my neighbor, I'm feeling much stronger and was even able to run a little bit last weekend without knee pain. HOORAY!


Amy said...

Absolutely fabulous fabric choices!!! I love this bag!! Where does your neighbor work out of, contact info...?

Colleen MacDonald said...

Hi Amy,

She runs Fit Life Studio, which is right across the street from me. I'll e-mail you her contact info: she's AWESOME!