Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Woah Nelly

I have been realizing that I need to slow down a bit.  This feeling comes in cycles, and I've discovered that I can honor it and be at peace, or I can fight it and feel like I'm fighting all the time.  Let's just say that sometimes I don't make the right decision.  Thankfully this time I can see the pothole before I get to it and hopefully I can swerve before I deflate something.

Today is "farm day," which is one of my ways to slow down.  I will go pick up a load of mulch and then spend an afternoon pulling weeds.  Although it sounds like a terrible chore, I find it meditative.  Laundry is also on the list, and cooking up a nice dinner.

Recently I made a scarf for a favorite customer, and I decided that in honor of my slowing down I would add some handwork to the project.  This scarf features one of my favorite prints by Heather Ross.  It's called, "Swimming Sisters."  I made a Pinnafore for Bronwyn's school picture out of it, remember?  I hand sewed the topstitching, and then added little embroidered "x's" along the border.  These reminded me of the X chromosome, and so I felt all the womanly godess-ness flowing from me.  It was theraputic and wonderful. 

See?  When I listen to my own needs, I feel better!


Kristi / SuperMomx3 said...

I hear you, can completely relate, and wish to assure you that you are a wise, wise woman. xo

picciolo said...

That's a beautiful scarf, and the hand details you added are lovely. I wish I was as good as you at listening to yourself to know when to slow down. Your mothers day gifts are wonderful too, I think handmade gifts full of love are the best
: )