Monday, August 16, 2010

Beachy Keen

It feels like the summer is coming to a close already and there's still so much to pack in!

Bronwyn and I have been planning a trip to the beach for a long time, and finally we took our chance last week.  We spent two lovely days there with friends and I'm already itching to return.  The weather was lovely, the water was cold and fresh, and the sand was warm.

While we were lounging, we saw a little boy and his father flying a butterfly kite. The kite escaped the boy's grip and had several minutes of freedom before the father finally chased it down. I took this photo of it flying free and it gave me a smile.

In two weeks, Bronwyn goes back to school.  The return of regular routine will be lovely, and I do look forward to accomplishing some tasks that have been on the back burner, getting back to my business, and having some time to spend all to myself. But for now, I will enjoy the moments that I have with the tangled rush of time that is called, "Summer."


juglans said...

Lovely photos! What camera are you using? We are getting a beach day in New Jersey on Friday - cannot wait :>

Colleen MacDonald said...

Thanks! I'm just using the same little point and shoot Olympus that we got when Bronwyn was born. It's the Camedia C-400.