Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's In the Details

As a compulsive crafter and a business woman, I enjoy the small details of running my shop, and one of the things that I keep thinking about is the packaging of my product.  

It is very important to me that my customers open their BCharmer mail and feel that they are loved and respected.  This means that I want my packaging to be clean, pretty, and have a "put together" feel.  But at the same time, I don't want to waste resources or be excessive.  Recently, I found a product that I feel helps me to accomplish this balance between environmental responsibility, artisan support, and lovely presentation.  It's called Washi Masking Tape, and my favorite seller of this fabulous stuff is Patty Yuan from The Tinted Mint.  

Washi Masking tapes are made from Japanese rice paper and an acrylic adhesive.  They come in a rainbow of yummy colors and adhere very well to a variety of substrates.  I have used them on tissue paper and have been able to re-position them without damaging the tissue, so it's extremely forgiving.  

Patty is an ethical businesswoman who also tries to keep her business footprint small.  As well, she donates a portion of her proceeds to a variety of environmental and social causes, which makes me all that much more happy to support her.

I am so relieved to know that I can  support my Magpie tendencies while also keeping  it simple and pretty.  Thank-You, Tinted Mint!


Pam Corwin, Business of Crafts said...

I love this! I have seen your beautiful packaging, it makes the purchase feel more like a gift and it's obviously done with such care. YOu open it knowing whatever is inside was made with love.

I wrap sets of cards in tissue with a pretty logo sticker sealing it and always include candy with a thank you label on it in every order. It sounds corny, but I really Do (Like you) want my customers to know that I appreciate them. At wholesale shows everyone who orders gets a goodie bag full of sweet treats with a little gift inside. I've done it for so many years now people order early at the show just to get one before I run out! Its a good feeling to acknowledge the people who keep us doing what we love to do, isn't it?
This tape is neat!

Colleen MacDonald said...

Totally! I feel like my customers are giving a gift to themselves, so why not honor it?

I love it that people come early to your booth just for the goodie bag: that's so smart!

Victoria said...

What lovely tape! I will be checking this out, thanks so much for sharing, (and your packages are beautiful!)

Colleen MacDonald said...

Thanks, Victoria!