Friday, May 27, 2011

Resting and Creating

My Dear Friends, I hope you're still out there!  I have been taking a lot of time away from my blog; not because I don't have lots to write about, but because I haven't had much energy to write.  I've spent the past few weeks concentrating on things of core importance to me; mainly my emotional well being after Bronwyn's death.  I'm starting to feel stronger (feeling "better" doesn't really seem correct), and I have spent some nice time in the studio cutting and sewing, and also in the garden.  It is spring here, and it feels good to go outside. 


Recently I got a nice order from one of the boutiques that regularly sells my work.  It's Bella Boutique, and they can be found in Anchorage Alaska.  Here is the stack of wallets in progress, and one of them as it looks finished.  I made extra of each print because I find that it's more efficient to make multiples; especially when I'm already working on a production of many.

Thank-You for being patient with my journey; I appreciate everyone's support.  In closing I am showing you a picture of a special project that I've started working on; it's a memorial garden for Bronwyn.  Right now, it's quite spare, but over time it will grow and change, just like my feelings for her.  The wreath was made by our neighbor and friend, who gathered lichens from her yard.  Bronwyn used to spend a lot of time underneath the oak tree in her yard, so it was especially meaningful.

I hope everyone has a happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend.


Helen (Mimi) said...

Hugs, prayers and good thoughts to you. Glad to hear you are feeling stronger.

May God be with you as you make your way through this time in your life.

Colleen MacDonald said...

Thank-You, Helen. I appreciate your warm wishes.

Anonymous said...

Seeing you work your way through the world keeping Bronwyn with you as life changes you is so encouraging and healing. I'm sending strength for you and good growth energy for the garden!

Victoria said...

The garden is such a lovely idea Colleen, and it's good to know that you are feeling stronger. (To me you have always seemed so strong... full of honesty, courageousness and such grace). Good that you have been taking the time that you need, and doing those things which bring you healing. Keep doing what feels right... your instincts are full of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Colleen, I'm glad your finding your own way through your healing. Your strength is amazing and I am looking forward to seeing the garden in full bloom soon.
Love, Tracy