Monday, December 22, 2008


Every morning lately, Bronwyn and I have started a lovely little routine. After we open our eyes in the morning (but before we're really awake), I set up a little nest for her on the couch. I put on some music, and tuck her in. From this vantage point, she can see our Christmas tree, look out the window, or see me in the kitchen (we have a very small house). Then I get started on breakfast (coffee first!). With all of the snow and ice outside right now, I have to say I feel super snug and happy. This morning we're listening to Bobbie Nelson's "Autobiography" album. That's Willie Nelson's sister, just in case you didn't know.


Umma said...

Beautiful Bronwyn, you look so cozy in your nest! We love you,
Umma and Grandpa Rik

Jenni said...

She looks so snug and content! Glad you, too, have been enjoying the chance to settle in against the cold.