Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Press Pot Cozy

It is raining buckets outside and we have no power at our house. I was feeling kind of down, but I went outside and the Red-Winged Blackbirds are back! They were singing their hearts out, staking out their territory. That put me in a much better mood.

Presently I'm at the library so that I can do a little administrative work for BCharmer, and connect with you! Here is a picture of a little cozy that I made for my press pot. It makes the process of making coffee so much better; kind of like wearing an apron when I cook. I love the details of formality, even if I'm a casual kind of gal.


Katie said...

Oh, poor you, I hate when the power goes out! Hopefully it comes back on soon.

I wanted to let you know I made the drink you suggested yesterday and it seems to have helped! My sinuses feel much better and even my cough has lessened. I gave it to Finn and the little bit of pepper seems to have cleared him right up too! So the next time anyone I know gets sick, I'll be coming over with vats of that drink ;) Thank you!!

juglans said...

Hi Colleen - thanks for redirecting me to your blog. I've added you to the great google feed.

I am trying to be more consistent with my blog too but I keep having to feed the never-full furnace that is Quinton.