Friday, April 3, 2009

Fabric Fun

Today the sun is shining and it is such a welcome respite from the rain, snow, and gale force winds! I went and took a brisk walk around the lake today, and it felt so good to move my body. I'm finding that my back really starts to bother me if I spend too many hours at the sewing machine and computer!

I am enjoying playing with the new fabric that I recently bought. I'm going to make some large messanger/diaper bags with the grey and yellow... and probably with some of the other, too! It's so delicious and makes me excited to create new designs to show off how beautiful it is. I wish I had more time (the artist's lament).

I'm excited to tell you about this great spotlight on Boxie Britches' blog. Check it out, it was really fun to be "interviewed." Every Friday, Melissa features a different artist, and I was asked to participate; of course I said "YES!" Thanks Melissa!

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Samantha (Sam) Spitzer said...

The interview really made me smile!