Thursday, April 30, 2009

Working with Quality

I just had the excellent fortune to find this LUSH dupioni shantug silk on sale and so I stocked up! I get the shivers when I touch it; it's that good.
I've been feeling a deep need to do some hand work. I rummaged and found some yummy scraps to work with and made this sunny flower that will soon become a brooch. My plan is to use some of this new silk to make more brooches in a more luxe style.

Today I will plant the remaining spring crop in my garden. HOORAY!


Pam Corwin, Business of Crafts said...

ohhhh! lucky you!

Victoria said...

I love dupioni silk and tend to hoard all the small pieces that I have bought over the years at quilt shows... something about it is so exquisite that it feels precious to me.... but to have yardage like that! Wowwweeee!! Lucky you! Enjoy!!

Colleen MacDonald said...

Oh I FEEL so lucky! I'm a lucky lucky girl, oh yes I am!!