Friday, May 1, 2009

Story of a Bag: Part 2

The two bags are coming along now! I have finished up the "fussy" part, which is to put the zippers in and the front pockets. Once that is done, the rest feels pretty smooth and rhythmic. It's very satisfying to see the pieces coming together. I find that as the bag starts to take shape it's difficult for me to stop working on it. I think, "I'll just finish up this topstitching detail, and then I'll stop." And then it progresses and I think, "I have to see how the pockets will look on the sides; I'll just add those and then I'll stop." A few hours later, my blood sugar is in the basement and I'm shaky and agitated and making mistakes. But you all know how it goes... obsession is obsession! It could be SO much worse, as my Mother in Law points out.
I'm hoping to finish these today so that I can show you pictures of the ready bags tomorrow!


vadjutka said...

The look soooo good...especially the upper that for your mother in law?

Trillium said...

These are really stunning - great design work!!

Colleen MacDonald said...

The top one is for my Mom. I love it too. She was in my studio for less than 5 minutes and had already chosen her fabrics. Most people take at LEAST 30 minutes to pick fabrics and they usually need an intervention because of the sensory overload! Not my Mom, she knows what she wants!

Thanks for the props, Trillium!

mr.ed said...

postaledHi there Lady, been gone a few weeks and haven't checked you site for awhile. So nice to see and read all your excitement, especially about Bronwyn. Keep up the great work. Miss your smiling face around the Post Office.