Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Darlin' Here Comes the Sun

Woo-Hoo! It is sunny today. That means I'm kicking myself off of the computer for the day and will be outside working in the garden and drying off from all of the rain. I need to do some thinning today, and to plant my basil. I will also be hanging clothes on the line; one of my favorite and most satisfying of chores. Maybe I will practice the guitar outside, too: that sounds delightful. So much potential in sunshine, isn't there? The pictures here are of chives (top), Lettuce (left), and Swiss Chard.


Jenni said...

I just caught up on your last 10 posts!! I miss you--good to hear Rocky's story, the end of the story of a bag and all your lovely musings. :)

Victoria said...

Beautiful shots! Your garden puts my plot of dirt to shame!

Colleen MacDonald said...

Oh, My garden looks like dirt from afar; I used a macro lens to take the lettuce pics! :)

I miss you, too, Jenni Hopefully we can walk soon!