Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Morning

It is overcast and a little chilly today. And poor little Bronwyn; she has a late spring cold, and is very snorkely and is now coughing. She will miss most of a week's school, which is stressful because I rely on her time away to get work done. Oh well. I can pull a couple of late-nighters to make up for it.
We're currently reading the book "Charlotte's Web" aloud and she's really enjoying it! I think I was about 6 or 7 when I first heard it, so the timing is nearly right. We'll probably make it through a couple of chapters today. Luckily, Brian made some sauce from our rhubarb plant and it has that wonderful summery tang that will remind me that summer really is coming and that the clouds will soon pass.

In an earlier post, I wrote that I'm working on a project for a wedding. Here is a prototype of the design that I will use for the bridesmaids' clutches. I'm also making a couture clutch for the bride from that lovely dupioni silk that I scored a few weeks ago. I will be sure to take photos of that!


SkyWayGroup (GIIG1982) said...
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kkimins said...

Rhubarb - yummmm. Beautiful clutch! And what an great idea for a wedding. Poor B, I'm so sorry she has a cold - but Charlotte and Wilber are good company!

juglans said...

Hope Bronwyn feels better soon!! Love the clutch - but Charlotte's Web! What a tearjerker - I doubt I could read it out loud. I had to be physically removed from the theater as a small child! Now almost 30 years later I still cannot watch that film with dry eyes - You are brave. enjoy the rhubarb!

How are your raspberries?

Colleen MacDonald said...

Hmmm... I didn't know that Charlotte's Web was made into a movie. It's always harder to watch the movie because there's the musical score, the professional actors and such. But still, I remember my teacher crying at the end of the story while she was reading it aloud to us. That was actually important for me to see for some reason. It humanized her in a really wonderful way.

vadjutka said...

Good morning Colleen!!
Sending healing vibes for little B!

That clucth looks very pretty...I have never used clutches, but this one made me think about changing habits... :-)

picciolo said...

the rhubarb sauce sounds nice! And the clutch is beautiful, you'll have to show us the brides one when it is done
: )

Colleen MacDonald said...

I've been working on the bride's clutch and it's SOOO beautiful! I'm excited to have a photo shoot.