Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Story of a Bag; Part One

When I read other people's blogs, I am most fascinated by their process; be it life or art. So I thought that you might be interested in a part of mine. I am starting work on a new set of bags, so it was natural to begin with that. I wrote earlier about my exciting fabric shopping trip, and so this is the start of the bags that I will make from that.

My awesome Mom came to visit us during our spring break, and she chose fabrics for a bag that I will make for her: they are the top three pictured here in purples and browns. SO BEAUTIFUL! I love you, Mom!

The other , bottom three fabrics will become bags for sale. So here's the first wonderful part of this process (after choosing fabrics): CUTTING! Now this is my least favorite bit. I find it tedious, and I have cut myself before, so that adds to my aversion. However, my amazing husband has helped me out a lot in this department. After I draft a pattern and get it the way that I like it, he turns my paper drawing into masonite board patterns. That way I can use a rotary cutter and cut multiple layers at once. This significantly increases my efficiency, and makes the whole process less laborious. No more pinning, no more smoothing the paper to the fabric, no more cutting into paper by accident, and no more muscle strain from scissoring through too many layers of fabric!

Here are the pattern pieces used for one whole bag. Nifty, eh? I love you, Brian!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the bag!


Kayce and Robbie said...

I'm jealous of your pattern pieces!

Colleen MacDonald said...

Oh, they are so great! I wouldn't be able to sell my work if I had to cut everything with scissors! You can do something similar with thick posterboard, but you'll have to replace it often.

Stephanie said...

Wow. What great insight into your process. And what a lovely husband you have to help you make those! I already know I'm going to love that grey and yellow bag!

vadjutka said...

Your mom has wonderful taste - I love those upper fabrics!

I always learn new words: today's new wors is rotary cutter. I wonder if I can use it in the supermarket :-)

Victoria said...

I love seeing how people create! The masonite pattern pieces are genius. Such a sweet hubby you have!

Your moms fabric choices, and your amazing sewing talent are going to make for one gorgeous bag. xo

Katie said...

Ah, hardboard pattern pieces! That would solve all my paper-rage issues ;) One of the reasons I don't sew as much as I'd like is because I loathe pinning and cutting patterns. What a good idea!

It's interesting to see how other people create. And your mom picked some lovely fabric - I hope you'll show us that completed bag!