Friday, March 5, 2010

Stray Projects

No school for Bronwyn today means less time for sewing and more time for playing with my girl.  Today's post is just a quickie to show you these custom belts that I made for a friend.  The fabric on the first is Heather Ross' lovely and whimsical banana seat bicycles and the second fabric is from Joel Dewberry's "Deer Valley" line.  Incidentally, Heather Ross also designed the gnomes featured on my receiving blanket in yesterday's post.


vadjutka said...

Oh my, I love that bike-belt!

BTW: can you put holes in the belts?

Colleen MacDonald said...

Thanks, Judit! I love those bikes, too.

I don't have the tools to make belts with holes (I need a grommeter), but it's something I'm thinking about for the future!

Victoria said...

Lovely belts... the bike fabric is terrific!
Hope you had a great day with Bronwyn!