Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making Time

This is just a quickie to keep some momentum on my Blog. 

A little spring cold has come for a visit at our house.  First Bronwyn and now Brian and me.  Luckily I have garlic and vitamin C.  That usually puts up the "No Trespassers" sign for unwelcome microbes.  But I've had to slow down a bit to take care of myself and my beloved family.  This slowing down business provides the opportunity to look at what's going on around me. Walking in my yard I see that the apple blossoms are emerging; they're so beautiful!  And the garden is mostly planted now. It's still to chilly for the tropical plants such as tomatoes, squash, and basil, but it feels great to have my cool crops in.

 I'm still working on my orders for Stonehenge Studios, and I'm almost at the end now.  Bronwyn and I are hoping to drive to Portland for the weekend to participate in the Mother's Day Gala that Stonehenge will be hosting.  It should be lots of fun if we're feeling better! 

Here is a Tomboy wallet that I made with a fun, bold graphic print.  I love the analogy of comic strips that immediately spring to mind when I look at it!  It is available in my Etsy and Artfire shops.

And the master of slowing down and taking in the luxury of the day is our new kitty, Chance.  I went in to make Bronwyn's bed the other day and found him sunning his tummy on her blankets.  He's such a dear!


juglans said...

Feel better you all and I hope you make I down to Portland!

Victoria said...

You have a wonderful way of finding beauty in all situations. Hope you all find yourself feeling better soon, (I swear by garlic... I'll eat a whole head of it roasted when I feel a cold coming on.) And I hope that you and Bronwyn have a great time in Portland!

Victoria said...

P.S. Chance is a cutie!