Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For The Love of Indigo

I recently got an order for a custom Tomboy wallet, and I loved the way it came out.  The fabric is distributed by Marcus Brothers and it's been in my stash forever.  Now only scraps remain, and I'm sorry to see it go!

I'm really enjoying the process of dyeing my fabric!  It's like a little mystery.  Most recently I dyed a batch in a color called, "Gunmetal" and I was expecting a grey/blue color.  As I put the wool into the pot, it turned a lilac purple and then gradually became more blue.  When all was said and done, it was a rich and lovely denim/indigo blue; not at all what I was expecting, but gorgeous nonetheless.  Next up: Cayenne Red.  And my other business, "Mercy Me! Designs" now has massage table face cradle covers for sale in the Artfire Shop.  These are great for massage practitioners, chiropractors, or acupuncturists.  Check them out and tell your therapists!

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picciolo said...

hello, you have been busy! Good luck with your new business, it sounds really exciting, and congratulations on having a new shop stock your lovely items! It looks like great fun dying the cloth, what rich colours
: )