Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Blog!

I feel like I have a million and one things going on right now, and I guess maybe that's the way I function best; I started a new blog for my new business, Mercy Me Designs; Check out our new blog here!

I'm so excited about my new venture, but I'm still passionate about my first love; BCharmer.  Right now I'm working on a full set of pillow covers for a customer's two couches.  They are coming out SO beautifully!  I'll make sure to take pictures when they're all done to share with you.


inaluxe said...

Congratulations on 'mercy me' Colleen! Looks awesome! It's been ages since I've said hello, but as always it's so lovely to come over, and have a bit of a read, and say hi! Just wish there were more hours in the day. as always... big hugs, love, and all the good stuff! xo Kristina

Colleen MacDonald said...

It's ALWAYS fabulous to hear from you, even if only occasionally. I'm the same way; I want to read blogs every day, but there's just only so much time! Lots of love!