Monday, October 25, 2010

Hold Gently

Yesterday Bronwyn had a terrible day with seizures and we spent the majority of the day cuddling on the couch.  It was very windy and rainy outside and our couch is situated in such a way that we have a nice view of our front yard.  We've positioned bird feeders strategically so that we can see lots of little birdie activity while we snuggle. 

As we sat there, I thought about how challenging it is to be a Mom.  We want to hold our little ones tightly, so that we keep them safe, but our job is to help our babies become independent and not need us so much.  

I pulled out my sketchbook as Bronwyn snoozed and I doodled this little bird in the hand.  This is what I hope: I am always there for my girl to love and support her, but my hand is open for her to fly free when she can.  That way, we both feel loved and needed! 

Today is blustery still, but we are well rested and ready for what the day brings.  I hope the same for you.


troutbrj said...

Such a beautiful sketch, and you are right - we try to always be there for our kids and yet keep things open so they can fly away when they are ready. You are THE BEST mom - Bronwyn is so lucky to have been born to you. Blessings and Love!

Flavia said...

What beautiful text! You're a super mom! beautiful illustration too! I call my son, Daniel, "my little bird".

wishes, true and kind said...

Oh, my gosh! (1) you are very talented! (2) you just perfectly illustrated a concept from a training I am currently attending related to parents, mental health/social emotional development in young children, etc. It is called Circle of Security, and it's all about those hands (creating a holding environment -- which is a secure base and a safe haven). As children develop, they engage in exploration (needing us to watch over them, delight in them, support them, enjoy new skills with them), leaving for short times and then returning for protection, comfort, for us to delight in them, etc. Well, anyway, thanks! I think I will print out your blog and share with the presenter. I'm a little emotionally exhausted from the training, so thanks for making my evening!

Colleen MacDonald said...

Thanks for all of your supportive words, my friends!
Joan, before Bronwyn was born, I read a lot about a style of parenting called, "attachment parenting" and it has been such a source of encouragement and reassurance to me as a Mom. It helps me to trust my instincts and listen to my daughter, too!

The Mayberry Sparrow said...

This is so delicate and sweet, and such an appropriate comparison of mother to child.
Sometimes an afternoon of snuggling, although unplanned, is good for all of us- To just sit and soak up eachother's love. It means so much.

Colleen MacDonald said...

Yes, I totally agree! Thanks.

Victoria said...

Oh Colleen, I missed this before... what a beautiful, beautiful sketch, and your sentiment is so pure and true.

I hope Bronwyn is feeling better and under your loving guidance, stretching her sweet wings.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Both of you...
I miss your kid