Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seams for Comfort

I find myself in a mystical place of joy and sorrow.  It is difficult to explain and I'm not sure that the explaining will be clarifying anyhow.  So I will tell you what comforts me,  what I've been doing. 

My community has been amazing for the support that I've received.  Flowers, food, cards, hugs, cups of tea, company, and space (when requested) have all been generously and lovingly given. 

Walking and exercise have been invaluable for clearing my head.

The ritual of lighting a candle for Bronwyn reminds me that her flame is alive and with me always.  Someday, that reminder will be present without the physical presence of the candle, but for now the presence of the light helps me.

Also, I have been sewing again.  Not designing, that takes too much creative energy.  But sewing what I know provides a meditative experience, and something for my always figity hands to do.  When we left for the hospital over a month ago, I had been right in the middle of production for the holiday.  So I've finished what I started and my inventory is quite impressive (it looks like I've been busier than I actually have been).  Now I need to photograph everything and get it listed.  I also participated in two local craft fairs with my business partner.  I wasn't sure how it would feel, but it was lovely to get out and be distracted.

The clutch pictured is designed by the talented Keykalou, who has a shop on Etsy.  I purchased the pattern (and the rights to sell my handmade work from her pattern) so that I could just sew without having to think.  I love the shape and feel of this clutch and the way it features the fabric so nicely.

I raise my mug of tea to the day, and let the tears come when they will.  Smiles and hugs follow.


Victoria said...

I am so thankful to hear that you have such a supportive community, and also that you have been able to find moments of comfort. Bless lovely distractions, good friends, creativity, hot tea, and a good walk. Bless tears and bless laughter. Bless Bronwyn's light that will always glow in all who her were touched by her, and bless you for continuing to be so open and honest on this new path you find yourself on. You are my hero.

Flavia said...

beautiful words and beautiful work.
wanted to be around to help when needed.
I'm here. Always.
take care!

Kim Bates said...

May Peace be with you....

Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks