Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catching Up

Finding my new rhythm has proven more tricky than I had thought it would.  Nevertheless, I have been productive and am starting to find some structure in my day; it's a good thing.

And I have some fun news! I was contacted recently by Nancy, who has a blog called, "A Little Etsy Love." On this blog, Nancy features Etsy items that she covets, and she asked me if she could feature my work. Of course I agreed, and I decided that I also would share the love and offer one of my custom small card wallets to give away! So if you want to win one of my small cowgirl wallets, visit Nancy's blog and leave a comment (as directed) for your chance.

In other news, I have a fun selling venue coming up: As a benefit for our local high school's debate team, there is a women's moonlight run, followed by an evening of chocolate and gourmet shopping. I thought the combination of running, chocolate and shopping sounded ideal, and luckily I got in. So this week I'm working in the studio to get ready. Right now, having a tangible goal to work towards is very helpful! Pictured here is a clutch that I just made, which I think came out great! I love these little clutches!


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inaluxe said...

Hi Colleen, love your clutches! it's weird getting balance sometimes, but it sounds like you've found the perfect remedy for getting back into the swing and happy space! Congrats on the feature! Hope all is well - keep on having fun. Lots of love, Kristina. xo