Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Giveaway

Despite my best efforts to take a break, there's just a lot going on that I have to share with you! I'm participating in a giveaway on someone else's blog. And it's a big one! We're giving away this new bag that I just finished! If you're interested in playing, you'll have to do a little work. Head on over to Erin's Blog: Pour Some Sugar On Me to find further details. If you don't want to deal with the tweeting and the following (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, this giveway might not be the one for you), that's okay! You can admire my handiwork here and I will try and offer another bag giveaway sometime in the future here in the safety of my own blog. But this is a really great bag, so it's worth a little effort!

Brian and I had a lovely dinner last night together. We ate at a restaraunt called the Iron Rabbit, which serves really delicious fancy food in a casual setting. It was fun to be "out on the town" on our own (thank-You Melissa and James for watching our girl)! Thanks to our friends here for the Birthday wishes!


nicole said...

WOW- thanks for upgrading Pour Some Sugar On Me's giveaway to the diaper bag- am hoping i will when the bag as it is exactly what i am looking for with a 2 yr old! love your stuff

glad Pour Some Sugar On Me sent me over!

juglans said...

Hiya! Pour some sugar on me sent me ;>

Glad you and Brian got out - sounds like a nice evening!

Hope you are having a lovely day - we are having your cool summer I think!
Love ya!

Danielle L said...

Pour Some Sugar On Me sent me!Great giveaway! Love Your products!

Jennifer said...

What an awesome giveaway! Pour Some Sugar on Me directed me here:)

sarah said...

Pour Some Sugar on Me sent me your way! Your work is beautiful and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win your awesome diaper bag!

Susana said...

You have some super products!!!! Pour Some Sugar On Me sent me over. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!!

I love your wallets and bags!

Susana @ Our Homeschool Fun
Home of Friday's Gracious Giveaways

Emi said...

I'm excited about the giveaway on Pour Some Sugar on my, although the wallet looked super cute as well!

Emily B said...

That is so gorgeous. I came over from Pour Some Sugar On Me to see your blog :)
Great photography, btw!

Lesslie said...


My diaper bag is SO unorganized!

and oh I was sent from Pour Some Sugar on Me! :)

You're Products are Adorable, i especially love this:

Have a Great Day!

-Two Little Lampheres.

Lesslie said...

I just noticed that you are featured in a Boutique in Anchorage. I live about 30 Miles from Anchorage. How awesome! :)

Kat said...

Pour Some Sugar On Me sent me! I love the bag, it's gorgeous!

Leanette said...

Pour some sugar on me sent me :-)


Heather said...

How adorable is this to win it to use with my baby boy due next month!

Peggy said...

Pour Some Sugar On Me sent me and I love all the beautiful items you make!!

The Allen Family said...

Pour some sugar on me sent me over and I'm SO hoping I win this awesome bag!!