Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cool Thoughts

Because it has been SO hot here, I am actually dreaming of winter *gasp*! That's what lets me know that the summer has been truly satisfying: when I begin to long for the change of the season. I was thinking about school, and sharpened pencils, and the smell of new notebook paper, and pumpkins.... I have been making these little zippered pouches lately. They are small and cute, and perfect for holding pencils or knitting needles, or whatever other small things you might want to stash. Here is one that I made in a lovely arctic hue. It's available in both of my shops: Etsy and Artfire.

Have a beautiful day, my friends!


Anonymous said...

My kids were dreaming of winter yesterday too . . . and came up a new game called "playing winter"! I never would have thought that Mimi would ask me for her snowsuit in JULY! I have it put away somewhere, so she did not end up getting to wear it. Probably a good thing, I think she would have melted!!! So she was satisfied with putting on a couple of shirts and a couple of pairs of pants, "so she would be warm enough"! (She did not wear all those layers for long, though!) The pencil pouches are very cute.

Sandra said...

I always dream about colder weather - definitely not a summer type!
Realy great pencil holders - perfect for adult bag since I always lost things in my bag!

Kimberly said...

I'm visiting from Pour Some Sugar On Me's Blog.
You have some wonderful items. I really love the messenger diaper bags! Lovely!

Kimberly said...
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Victoria said...

Just took my youngest out yesterday for school supplies. There is something so satisfying and hopeful about this simple, yearly ritual. Unmarked notebooks and sharpened pencils... full of possibilities for new and wondrous beginnings.

(Your pencil cases are marvelous. xo)

picciolo said...

hello, these cases are very cute, I love the lining too. Can we have some of your nice weather? It is supposed to be summer but it in't really warm or sunny
: )