Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deep Breathing

HOORAY! I'm feeling better. So much better. Thank-You all for your supportive words and recipes for soup and tea, and for sticking it out with me. I can now breathe deeply; no rattles, creaks, or snorkel sounds.

Here's a little ditty that I composed just now. I'm feeling creative again!

Oh, Spring!

Tempestuous air.

The sharpness of sun and chill

I embrace

as I thaw and stretch.

Oh Spring,

I've been waiting for you!


Katie said...

"Thaw and stretch", I like that! So happy you are feeling better, and thanks for the hugs (over at my blog) I'm sending you ones too :)

Victoria said...

Love your little diddy, and the photo is wonderful... that black against that blue! Good to hear you are feeling better!

Colleen MacDonald said...

Thanks, you two! This is my first attempt at "doctoring" a photo. All I did was increase the contrast; I think it came out well!