Thursday, March 5, 2009

A New Day

Good morning! I can almost breathe through my nose again, and I am so so glad. I can't believe how long this crud has lasted. I almost never get really sick and I have to say, I just don't know how to cope when it hits me. I try different strategies but mostly I just attempt to push on as best I can. Anyhow, I'm happy to report that in a few more days I will be back to normal! My studio space is a slight disaster with unfinished projects and little bits of thread and fabric clippings on the floor. Normally I am pretty fastidious in my work space because it is SO TINY, but I just haven't had the energy. Now, of course, it feels a little overwhelming with all of its chaos. Today I will clean and put things right so that I can get back to work. That will feel so good! Above is a picture of our last kitty, Fiona. She is so good at relaxing! She helped me through this illness a lot.

I have been working on my first garment project for myself: a peasant blouse with bell bottomed sleeves. I was a little intimidated because I have a hard time following other people's patterns and because I don't normally sew anything that isn't square or rectangular. But I finished it last night and I'm mostly happy with it. I learned how to do a french seam, which is a way of enclosing a seam so that there are no raw edges. A neat trick! I will post pictures of the blouse tomorrow, as I haven't had a chance to photograph it yet.

In BREAKING NEWS: Bronwyn lost her second tooth in the wee hours of this morning! She's growing up so fast, it's just amazing. She woke me up at around 3 am with some fussing sounds. When I went in to check on her, she had her hands in her mouth, clearly working on the tooth. I checked it and the poor little thing was just hanging there. It only took a tiny little tug to free it up, after which, Bronwyn smiled and fell asleep. I'm thinking about making a little necklace that I can keep her baby teeth in. When I say that out loud it sounds kind of weird, but I feel attached to them!


juglans said...

Hurrah for rites of passage! The necklace doesn't sound weird to me - my mom recently gave me all my old baby teeth :>

Glad you are almost back to normal health - I am off to take some vitamin c - it always seems like my friends on the west coast get sick and then a week later it blows to us here in the bluegrass :>

Victoria said...

That little tooth is sweet as can be!
Good to hear you are feeling a bit better, and I applaud your sewing of the peasant blouse. I also am patterned challenged and as soon as something becomes 3-dimensional, and non-rectangular I go into brain freeze.