Friday, March 13, 2009


Good morning! I woke up to a nice note from Violet of Etsy Stalker: a blog devoted to great handmade finds on Etsy. One of my wallets has been featured there! Thank-You Violet!

Getting recognition from others feels very good and helps me feel validated in the arts and crafts community. And this made me think that it's time for me to do some features of other artists! Not that I don't like to toot my own horn, but that tune gets tiresome for you guys, right? So let's hear a new song. Today will be a tiny feature, with more to come from this, one of my very favorite artists, Elsa Mora. I have purchased several of Elsita's prints, and they are all very compelling and beautiful images. Also, the quality of print is amazing; the paper feels like watercolor paper and the colors are really crisp. Recently, I purchased this little original papercut. This little vagabond birdie is adorable, but in person, he's just so much better! But let me tell you the best part about Elsita. She is the most genuinely good person you can ever come accross. She is full of interesting stories and perspectives which comes through in her artwork and her writing. Reading her blog has made me a better person, and putting her artwork in my home reminds me of the joy and playfulness that is so important in my life. Some time ago, I purchased this print for my daughter's room. It's called "Babysitting." No other explanation is needed!
Elsita's artwork can be purchased in her Etsy store. You can admire her INCREDIBLE diversity on her blog, and I will do a proper feature of her SOON.
Have a joyful day, everyone!

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Victoria said...

Congrats on your feature! And I am also a big fan of Elsa Mora. I think she is the most talented person I have ever come across. Everything she creates is magical, wonderful and awe inspiring.