Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring 2

Sunshine, snow, wind, rain, snow, sunshine, etc... it is definitley spring. My husband and I discussed our gardening plans this morning. I'm feeling itchy to plant but must wait!

I'm STILL sick! I'm going to the doctor this afternoon to see if something crazy has invaded my personal space; I have been eating raw garlic, drinking cayenne pepper tea, and using steam to try and clear my head; I'm definitely stinky, but still stuck in NO energy mode. AACK!
Above are some crocuses in our yard that I caught between snowstorms. They cheer me up and help me feel the promise of tomorrow!


vadjutka said...

Get well Colleen!
I send you some energy from here!

Katie said...

Oh, I'd give *anything* to have some crocuses around. It'll be April before we get even the slightest hint of new growth here!

I hope you start to feel better soon, you've been sick for too long! Maybe you just need a bit of penicillin or something to knock the bug out of you.

Colleen MacDonald said...

Got back from the doctor this afternoon and I have a sinus infection! I've never had one of those before. I've got some antibiotics and a nasal spray to knock it back. I'm already feeling a little better, so I'm optimistic that tomorrow will be shiny and new. Thanks for your well wishes!