Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Bonnets

My dear friend, Suzanne, is such an inspiration to me when it comes to life philosophy. She's a fellow seamstress, and so of course we have that connection (she was my partner in fabric shopping crime the other day). She's also a lover of a simple and sophisticated aesthetic, which often harkens back to an earlier time. We have recently been discussing bonnets, and specifically how practical and lovely they are. Children love them, and they keep the sun out of faces and off of necks. Her new baby boy wears one, and he looks positively adorable in it! I have a neighbor who is expecting her second baby any day now, and so I decided that I would make a bonnet for her newborn. It is all cotton, and is reversible. The simple side is a tea dyed muslin, while the reverse is a super high thread count cotton with funny little gnomes. It has the softest hand! This bonnet is designed to be worn by either gender.

While I was on the bandwagon, I made one specifically for a girl. I made it from a natural linen, and lined it with a crisp cotton shirting in blossom pink. The linen side features a lovely knit lace, while the reverse is accented with the cotton stripe, which is also used to tie it under the chin. Aren't they sweet?

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daer0n said...

These are so pretty! i love them, i wouldn't have thought to make these for my daughter when she was a baby, those are way too cute.

Pour some sugar on me sent me by the way! i love your blog, it seems so full of peace, life and creativity :)