Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Game

I've been tagged by a dear friend, and I'm in the mood to share, so here's the quiz Q & A:

Four things I am looking forward to:

Bronwyn's first words
Ripe tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden
A new studio space
regular sleep

Four things that I did yesterday:

Cut 45 yards of fabric
made a baby bonnet
played guitar and sang to Bronwyn and Brian
washed dishes

Four things I wish I could do:

Put an end to world suffering
Find a cure for Bronwyn (working hard on this now).
Stay in balance

Four TV Shows that I watch:
Well, I don't watch a lot of shows, but here are some that I enjoy every now and then:

Boston Legal
The Carol Burnett Show
Cirque Du Soliel

Four Places I would like to Travel:

Hungary (to visit my good friend Judit)

Four Places that I have Lived:

Mazatlan, Mexico
Lummi Island, WA
Bellingham, WA
San Juan Island, WA

I'm tagging my friend Judit, and Victoria, but you only have to play when/if the mood strikes!


RosaMaría said...

qué interesante post!

have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a fun little game. Fun fun fun. My brother with special needs said his first words when he was four years old. He said "more" - which was so perfect. I look so forward to your blog post with Browyn's first words - they will also be so perfect. :)

picciolo said...

I loved reading your answers! And those little bonnets are so cute!
: )

Colleen MacDonald said...

Thanks you guys! I know Bronwyn has a lot to say, so it will be interesting to hear what she chooses first.

I love the bonnets so much, I think I'll make some for my shop. Just not sure if others will want them. We'll see!

vadjutka said...

Oh, yes come to Hungary!!
And then we can go to Australia from here :-)

Thanks! :-)