Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun Weekend

Bronwyn and I met my Mom and her two adopted daughters at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle yesterday. We had a blast! I was really happy that the entire grounds were wheelchair accessible, and for the most part, Bronwyn got some great veiws of the animals and their habitats. I felt a little sad for the gorillas and the Jaguar because, even though the zoo does an excellent job with the animal's health and environment, these are animals who, in general, have a sad history. But I still really felt honored to be in there presence. The emerald python pictured above had just shed its skin. It was looking pretty beautiful! The gorillas below were napping together when we first arrived at their habitat. They are both females, and I think that the one on the right is the mother to most of the gorillas there. She had such a beautiful face and was very calm in her demeanor. I could have stayed there all day.


Sarah said...

I LOVE a trip to the zoo...maybe I'll go this coming weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

Beautiful photos... the Mama Gorilla looks as if she is meditating... I hope she is happy.