Friday, June 19, 2009

Shifting Gears

I am in a serious bit of transition right now. Bronwyn's last days of school were last week, and I had a lot of work to finish up. But of course, my best laid plans were foiled because Little Miss B got sick and threw up at school. So she missed the last couple of days. Poor her. Poor me. Now it's officially summer vacation, which means no more breaks for Mama! I don't mean to complain; I love my little girl like the sun, I just hate having to multi task quite so much (I think it's bad for your soul), but my to do pile doesn't seem to take a break. Oh well; I'll make sure we all brush our teeth and won't worry so much if the floors aren't clean.

Bronwyn and I went to a summer picnic at one of her classmates homes the other day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Above is a picture of Bronwyn at the end of the visit; just a little pooped out, but still so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture!
As of this afternoon we are now on summer vacation too! Happy summer to you . . .

Julie R.

vadjutka said...

She look like a little Sleeping Beauty :-)

Sending you energy!

Victoria said...

Yes, she is beautiful!
Hope she is feeling all better and that you both have a fun summer!