Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Time to Re-Group

I'm tired this morning. Bronwyn has been getting a molar and it's keeping her up at night. This morning at 3:00, I could hear her fussing and so I went in and laid down next to her. She gave me the sweetest smile and snuggled in. That moment is so precious. It's full of love and warmth, and normalcy. It makes me feel so great to know that I can provide such comfort. We read a chapter from Charlotte's Web (almost done now), and then dozed.

Today is overcast. Perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee and clearing my studio. I need to make room for all of my new fabric, and I've just finished another wedding project. I have a ritual studio cleanse after each project so that I can start the next with an organized mind. Pictured are the bags that I made for the aforementioned wedding. I actually used a commercial pattern that I found. It was just the perfect little bag and I didn't need to make any revisions at all. Plus, the pattern pieces were so few and simple that I didn't need to read the directions, which is where my trouble usually begins with commercial patterns.


Victoria said...

Gorgeous bag. Love the design and the fabrics. Hope
dear Bronwyn feels better today and that you both sleep better tonight. xo

Kathleen said...

the bag is a beautiful shape..well done! Do you mind letting me know the designer? .

Hope the dreaded molar doesn't cause too much fretting

vadjutka said...

cute bags!
I olso have troubles with sewing patterns - they seem mountain maps for me, with no hights :-)

Mary Kay is GenevaDesigns said...

Just blog browsing today. I LOVE this bag. It's super cute :-)